When one listens to perfect music.
Person: *listens to fave music*
Person: *types* having eargasm right about now
by Lexia Smith July 09, 2014
n. The experience one goes through when listening to a sound climax in a piece of music. Usually gives the one experiencing the eargasm a tingling sensation in their back/spine, followed by a bit of sweat in your ear.
Dude, I totally got an eargasm from that epic bass drop!
by derpysause February 17, 2014
That good sensation you experience when you are listen to good music.

You find yourself sitting on a couch in a club, bobbing your head with eyes closed. Makes you feel light headed, as if you are floating.
Piet: Dude, what are you listening to on those head phones that's making you smile?
Gertjie: He can't hear you Piet, he's having an eargasm, it must be a nice jam on his ears (pun not intended).
by Koekemoer November 14, 2013
Eargasm is when your earwax "cums" out of you ear and spunks everywhere whilst listening to EDM all night.
Hipster 1. I had an eargasm in this bait night club last night brah!
Hipster 2. I know brah, I was the same, the EDM was lively!
by Jay "Quatermaster" Gatsby November 10, 2013
The reaction to an astounding piece of music, usually regarded as the audio equivalent of an orgasm
"Oh my God Jennie, The new Skrillex remix gave me a tremendous eargasm!"
by DeathToAllButMetal15x December 19, 2011
When you listen to something so great that your ears feel like there having an orgasm.
Dude that dubstep was awesome I had a total eargasm
by $u$aaan May 03, 2010
a cool feeling you get in your ears that feels really good when listening to certain music like some techno or electronic and stuff like that.
Dude listen to this song, it gave me a great eargasm last nite!
by JB#27 February 18, 2009
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