to have sex with another's ear or use another's ear for sexual stimulation
After the earjob, semen gushed out of the girl's ear and dribbled down the side of her face.
by DeviantFetish January 05, 2009
Top Definition
using one's tongue, lips, and breath in and around your partner's ear to give him/her an Amazing sexual/sensual feeling
"everytime my girl sucks on my earlobe, she gives me an amazing ear job!"
by emily and asher September 02, 2007
To have someone lick your ears.
Look at Lady Asspaste giving Prof Butwax and earjob!
by Horngrat October 13, 2003
Form of sexual intercourse in which the male inserts his erect penis into the lover's ear causing stimulation and pleasure. What many don't know, is that the phrase "fucked her brains out" derived from this activity. Not to be confused with a nose job, an ear job allows the male to assert his dominance to the female in a newer, more fucked up way.
-Doctor: well it seems that you have an infection in your right ear. Seems to be clogged with some liquid. Have you been swimming lately?

-Woman: Oh that's my husbands cum, I gave him an ear job.

-Doctor: wipes hand on cloth* Well your husbands a gross fucker.
by Gross word Definitions April 12, 2013
when your girl does nothing but talk, talk, talk and you are stuck listening. With no happy ending.
Inquiring Dude: Hey man you were on the phone forever with that girl. Was she giving you phone sex?

Dejected Dude: All she did on the phone was talk about the dogs, work, the weather and what she and her fucking girlfriends are doing this weekend. My ear is aching from listening.

Inquiring Dude: She just gave you an ear job dude.

Dejected Dude: At least it wasn't a rear job.
by mrsketch November 02, 2012
Also known as an EJ, the act of performing sexual intercourse in the general area of the ear, any part of the ear qualifies, ear lobes or the canal.
"Man that Emma chick gives an awesome Ear Job!"
by Ken Maxwell June 12, 2007
sick ur dick in sumones ear and cum
jeremy just gave me an ear job, wtf!
by skinner576 January 09, 2006
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