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time spent on-line on the www, or on a computer game or computer activity; time experienced subjectively while on line that feels short, but has been much longer in real time
1. in e-time it seemed like I'd been online for 5 minutes, when in real time six hours had passed

2. I spent 2 hours e-time in this beautiful electraglade I stumbled upon.
by chris firth August 14, 2006
times spent using electronic devices
"I clocked up 15 hours etime today"
"god your a nerd"
by Ice_Chick December 06, 2007
1. The Opportunity to LEAVE WORK, unpaid, before the end of your shift, without recourse.

2. The time of day that WE ALL LOOK FORWARD TO, to LEAVE WORK....... PERIOD!!!

(regardless of pay or recourse)
If you would like to go home early on E-time, send me a msg in COMM.


It's about time for some EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-time


by Smelvin CCR January 03, 2011
It is time
E-Time to smoke a blizunt
by bob dole May 05, 2003

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