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Commonly used on the internet in place of the word what. Although it may be a typographical error in many instances, it has now almost replaced the word what.

A similar relationship exists between the and teh.
Ehat the hell are you doing man?
by BobbyJoeJoe May 06, 2007
taken from the show Everybody Love's Raymond where Raymond's mom, Marie, finds his journal (but really it's his girly boy diary) and reads aloud some of the things he once said about her making it clear to Raymond that she's cracked his secret code - which was really nothing more than some updated, generic form of piglatin, which unlike piglatin, isn't only used by losers from the 90's but it is in turn used only by cool kids.. like him.
i e-hat my mom
by JacQs November 26, 2010
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