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taken from the show Everybody Love's Raymond where Raymond's mom, Marie, finds his journal (but really it's his girly boy diary) and reads aloud some of the things he once said about her making it clear to Raymond that she's cracked his secret code - which was really nothing more than some updated, generic form of piglatin, which unlike piglatin, isn't only used by losers from the 90's but it is in turn used only by cool kids.. like him.
i e-hat my mom
by JacQs November 26, 2010
another way of saying 'for crying out loud'. it's meant to play on the name of Fogel, from the movie Superbad and his idiotness.. totally pwns /b/tards all up in they face!
fro col, when r u gonna get your act together!?
by JacQs December 13, 2010
is the term used by those who dwell in the constant ecstasy that is man (usually two) and sex (usually together).

it was first used by a 4chan user in response to a thread dealing with self-ejaculating men engaging in male sex.

the term is thought to be used solely by fancy gentlemen pretending to be french so as not to appear vulgar and overly suggestive while they desperately crave another man's semen before they lay together and listen to jazz.
le nahvee is his loins, i must have. i must finish my siesta, quench my thirst but only if i drink him and no one else. i will drink, til i cannot drink no moar. and then... we shall listen to le jazz.
by JacQs November 26, 2010

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