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Big Breast
Your dyoga is so cute, Can i touch it?
by sex machine December 10, 2003
Filipino slang for woman's breasts.
Ang sarap laponggahin ng dyoga nya.
by Pilyong Ikos June 24, 2006
Dyoga (jo-gah) is a filipino gay-lingo for women breast or tits.
It is commonly used in a non-formal conversation with your friends, etc.
Douch #1 : That girl has that f***ing big dyoga.
Douch #2 : oh that girl who is rumored to be a blow queen?
Douch #1: yeah James told me she wants it double!
Douch #2: S***! She's hardcore!
by PapaMo March 23, 2013
filipino/tagalog : slang for tits, boobs, breast
tagalog : ang sarap sumupsop sa dyoga ni lola ang daming gatas

english : it's amazing to suck grandma's "dyoga" tits it has a lot of milk.
by frankie the monkey September 18, 2010