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Acronym of “Drunk While Posting”.

A post on a BBS or other such forum that contains many typos, grammar errors, or otherwise embarrassing material.
USER: b33r phr33q
AT: 02:24 AM

Hay man; the fucikiogn keys keep movin away frrrom mi fingyers. s0rry If this if Off topikc......

Greg: "Shit, Boris is DWP again..."
by Rize December 15, 2003
adj; dwp (Drunk With Power)
the state of being intoxicated with power
a syndrome contracted when power and freedom become overwhelming
not dwp
by jnnifr February 19, 2009
drunk white people
dude went to this kegger last night and the dwp's were out in full force!
by dubzs October 25, 2009
dinner with parents.
the ultimate quick-pause for text messaging teenagers.
For use during semi-formal or important mealtimes with parent/s. An effective way to avoid disgruntling those who pay bills.
6:10- Sally, Bill, Dad And Mom begin dinner
6:11- Sally recieves txt from Jack <haylookit wussup? :{D>
6:12- Sally texts Jack <nm o wt ya omg wts da hw 4 burk??>
6:12- Dad/Mom tells Sally to put her phone away
6:13- Jack texts Sally <um idk haah i hv reyes. im bord>
6:13- Dad hears phone, tells Sally to "just tell them it's dinner"
6:13- Sally rolls her eyes, but she wants to party this weekend
6:13- Sally texts Jack <dwp :(>
by Jordan Dylan Merkinn February 01, 2009
Down With tha Program
"Yo Chesto! We's going to watch some football - you DWP?"
"Yeah, I'm DWP! What time?"
by ARod2000 August 09, 2006
Shit place to work!!!
DWP is teh suck
by StonerRob August 06, 2008
Down With Pants
oh mah god dwp just tagged that cop station
by Pyro88 May 13, 2004

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