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a small piece or collection of food that snots over and lodges itself inconspicuously into your throat to rot. It remains there until expelled at a later time often by a violent cough or sneeze.
"Eww, I just coughed up a dweed, wanna smell?"
by Madamasselle March 01, 2003
24 12
A person that you would normally call a dweeb, but since they smoke such copious amount of marijuana they can only be referred to as a Dweed.
Johnny McHighverson just sits in his room all day watching Star Trek and smoking pot. Man, he's such a dweed.
by GFYGAH February 09, 2011
9 2
An alternative word for 'fuck' more commonly used in Glasgow Scotland
Dude 1: What do you think of that chic?

Dude 2: Dweed!

Dude 1: What about those 3 girls?

Dure 2: Dweed, dweed, would'neh dweed
by VixenGlasvagas February 05, 2010
10 3
This word was created circa 1973 by a group of high-school students at a northern Indiana school and led to the accidental creation of the word dweeb.

The original intent of this word was to be a shortened form of dickweed. By using the word dweed, they were able to call their classmates derogatory terms in front of teachers with no repercussions.

Because only a select group of students knew what was actually being said, the word was mispronounced in abundance, causing the word to involve dweeb.
"You're such a dweed."

"I'm not a dweeb!"
by Child of originator March 11, 2014
0 0
Marijuana, boo, "that trash".
"Hey, where'd you get that dweeds nigga?"
"My dude"
"Don't worry about it. You don't know him"
by thoooo adam December 27, 2006
2 7
weed, pot, marijuana; abr. of "the weed"
...some call it "dweed"... Peter Tosh "Legalize It"
by Snake Snail Doggie Tail April 19, 2010
1 7
Like a thing-a-ma-bob, something that you don't know what else to call it.
Can be used as a derisive term for a person in the sense that you're calling them a "thing".
What's a dweed? (Lots of giggling)
by anonymous March 19, 2003
4 13