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n. Originally a trainee in an asbestos mine who cleared the fine carcinogenic fibres off the tram lines but now any lowly employee who is tasked with any unpleasant, dangerous or tedious job.

1) Get a team of dust monkeys into the kitchen right away. The McFryer is making that funny sound and I think she's going to blow!

2) Where's me new dust monkey? A gale be blowing up astern and the mizzen mast be luffing.
by gnostic1 October 11, 2011
1.someone who has had it, needs to stick a fork in it, has hit rock bottom, needs to go home and get some sleep, put the pipe down and find a hole and crawl in it.
2.someone who is not in their right mind and acts like it. acts with no regard, especially in public.
3.a person that looks like sh*t because of their own lack of self respect
4.also the name of an underground clothing label from los angeles
"look at her, she is coming down all over the place,her hair looks like shit,smells like yesterday, head all swollen, somebody take that DUSTMONKEY home and don't give her anymore shit!"
by spacebiscuit213 October 17, 2007
Someone who works on computer. Computers tend to have a lot of dust in them and often need to be blown out because of the collection of said dust.
Johnny is a grease monkey, he works on cars but his sister is a total dust monkey, she works on computers all day. NERD!
by CarpoolingZombie April 24, 2010
A man or woman of arab, or middle eastern descent.
Those motherfuckers that just opened that 7-11 are fucking dust monkeys.
by microsoft_bastard March 24, 2003
A person who smells like dust or is very unattractive
Josh is a Dust Monkey.
by Cheeeeeto January 10, 2016
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