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To run with extreme pace and speed, usually running away from a crime scene.
Shit you jacked him! Lets duss!
by Skitzo Rees October 09, 2005
To run away
"The 5-0 are coming, fucking duss"
by Jason May 23, 2003
A vagina (or pussy)
Im going to eat your duss out. or Scrap just got some duss last night.
by KJ & Scrap February 25, 2009
v.) To be beat another person to the point or past the point of unconsciousness.

trans v.) Dusted, Dusting
Yo, Jason just got out of prison. He's gonna duss you.
by Codicoon January 30, 2006
(adj)completely useless and undesirable. (pronouced like puss)
1) We are running out of beer, there are no girls, and the music sucks; this party is completely duss

2) This blunt is loosly rolled and unsmokeable, whoever rolled this is duss.
by bobby butts December 23, 2007

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