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Dus means could be 10 dollers 10 shits 10 anything..its another word for 10 just like a dub is 20 duce is dus is 10 remember that.
I got a dus on me. - Translation - I got a 10 on me.
by D-boi December 29, 2006
Driving Under the Shrimpfluence.
- Getting "sushi drunk" or "sushi hammered."
After we went to Sushi Galore, Ben got extremely sushi drunk. If he were to get pulled over, he would get charged with a D.U.S.
by jdaniels11 November 19, 2011
dus means anything and nothing at the same time. It can mean something gross or something amazing. YOU CAN NOT USE IT AS ANYTHING BUT A SITUATION OR PLACE! A girl is not dus. That outfit is not dus.

synonyms: cool, stupid, nasty, beautiful, everything, nothing
antonyms: he, she, they, we, DONT USE THEM
ex. that scumbags house is dus
ex. This amusement park is dus
by ditweetoooo September 08, 2010
What stupid people say instead of does
wat dus it say 4 dat?
by Steveo February 18, 2005
Generic word for a pigmented substance which can be applied to the skin, such as make-up, paint or ink.
We went to the shop to buy some dus for body painting.
by Rick Mills September 08, 2004
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