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Dus means 10..it could be 10 dollers 10 shits 10 anything..its another word for 10 just like a dub is 20 duce is 2...so dus is 10 remember that.
I got a dus on me. - Translation - I got a 10 on me.
by D-boi December 29, 2006
Driving Under the Shrimpfluence.
- Getting "sushi drunk" or "sushi hammered."
After we went to Sushi Galore, Ben got extremely sushi drunk. If he were to get pulled over, he would get charged with a D.U.S.
by jdaniels11 November 19, 2011
What stupid people say instead of does
wat dus it say 4 dat?
by Steveo February 18, 2005
dus means anything and nothing at the same time. It can mean something gross or something amazing. YOU CAN NOT USE IT AS ANYTHING BUT A SITUATION OR PLACE! A girl is not dus. That outfit is not dus.

synonyms: cool, stupid, nasty, beautiful, everything, nothing
antonyms: he, she, they, we, DONT USE THEM
ex. that scumbags house is dus
ex. This amusement park is dus
by ditweetoooo September 08, 2010
Generic word for a pigmented substance which can be applied to the skin, such as make-up, paint or ink.
We went to the shop to buy some dus for body painting.
by Rick Mills September 08, 2004