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Dus means 10..it could be 10 dollers 10 shits 10 anything..its another word for 10 just like a dub is 20 duce is 2...so dus is 10 remember that.
I got a dus on me. - Translation - I got a 10 on me.
by D-boi December 29, 2006
I think its actually pedrico. Spanish slang for the left over shake(powder) from pressing bricks of cocaine in Colombia. In the states it is usually used to refer to any form of cocaine.
"Give em some baking soda and a little bit of pedico"
by d-boi December 07, 2006
used in tha jectz it a slang term for "i aint goin out without a fight"
OG 1- "nigga u kno wat dat motto iz"
OG 2- "4sho kill or be killed"
by D-boi April 16, 2007
a gangmember that has been in a gang for 15-19yrz
G 1- "cuz CRIP GHOST a tru YOG"
G 2- "hell ya cuz that ni66a aint nuthin 2 fukk with"
by D-boi April 16, 2007
that u will die b4 u dishonor yo gang or hood
OG 1- "ni66a u kno wat it iz death before dishonor"
by D-boi April 16, 2007
a older gang member that has been in his gang for 20years or more who may not b active in gangbangin
YG 1- "cuz tokkie was a real TRIPLE O G"
YG 2-"fukk ya dat nigga was tha O G ov O Gz"
by D-boi April 16, 2007
a real nigga is someone who dont give a fuck n will shoot or kill anyone who pisses him off and dont care if he gets killed or goes 2 jail USAULLY A OG
OG 1- "ima real nigga cuz"
OG 2- "same hear folk i jus dont give a fuck"
by D-boi April 16, 2007
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