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As distinct from simply being dirty or even dirrty, durty implies something is not just dirty, but dirty in a forbidden or taboo way.

NB: Durty must be pronounced in a North Side Dublin accent.
Rich: *looks across the room at sexy older woman*
Sean: That's my Ma!
Tom: Durty
by moroman August 13, 2007
Homie, friend....Rooted from the South D-Town!!!!
What up Durty?
by Lil Ivy March 11, 2003
generaly a hockey player term refering to something that is crazy or sweet:or when refering to an amazing hockey player
A.O. was so durty in last nights game.
by hrjw August 23, 2008
What one would say out loud when a person walks by that has either greasy hair, doesn't bathe or shower, ugly clothing.. basically looks like a hobo.
DURTY!!! man you smell like dogs breathe after eating its own shit!
by The_Punisher89 April 30, 2006
n. Alcoholic, lazy, unexplained attraction to doing stupid things. Rooted in T-Town a.k.a. the sex change capital of the world.
"Durty is such a worthless person he is going to fail school and his friends are going to hate him."
by Urty December 14, 2005
he douches daily, therefore he is a douche bag. a bag of douche. and a son of a b.
"i hate durty" was not a usable example because it didn't have 20 letters and three words.
by disaster December 26, 2005