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adj. One is dursty when one wants to get sufficently drunk. A jonesin for some boozin. Can also be said as "Fred Dursty". A thirst to get drunk, hence "dursty"
"Yo man lets get dursty tonight...I'll pick up some 40 oz's and we'll drink till we're black-out, smoke mad crack rock, deep throat a 9 inch flesh light, and then try to score a sloppy handi from some hotty."

"Ohhh dude I am so dursty...We need to get a couple dirty thirty racks and play beer pong till I've drank myself impotent...and then I'll try to score a handi...from your mom. Shes got the Barry Bonds' grip"

"Holy Friholas I am soo dursty..too bad I'm getting a handi right now...I'd love to shotgun warm steel reserves 'till I can't feel my face."
by wade, "king of the durst" February 20, 2007
To act like you are the end all, be all. To think you are above everything else
Tabitha: Can you believe how awesome I am. No one can touch me.
Shaun: You so Dursty
by S. Havlin January 08, 2010
Dursty: to be thirsty for dick; to want the cack meat sandwich
Erykah sure looks dursty! Bet she's gonna go to the bar and hook for some cack meat.
by skeeterpan November 20, 2011
A combination of "dirty" and "thirsty".
Damn ...that Nigga look dursty as fuck.
by Dr Good D OBGYN April 23, 2010
adj. To have an urge relating to anything within context of the present idea; most commonly used to describe extreme hunger.
Q: What are you sayin' bro?

A: I am fuckin' dursty, let's get some durst.
by BingalingZ October 18, 2010
Dursty - adv. - Meaning Dusty and Dirty at the same time.
Man look at ya jeans, they are hella dursty.
by Antonio-Boi May 22, 2005