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When something reaches a point where it is no longer enjoyable.

It refers the point where the world went from enjoying Limp Bizkit to realizing that Fred Durst is an intolerable douchebag with no discernible talent.
The term "jump the shark" has really dursted.

I didn't see the Wolverine movie, because Bret Ratner made X-Men 3, and that was an instant durst.
by Jacktion! June 21, 2009
1. durst noun; Most commonly used as a direct reference to food of any sort but preferably food that is dursty. The word durst can be used in any way within context.

2. dursty adj.; (i)To be dursty: have an urge relating to anything within the context of the situation. Most commonly used to describe extreme hunger. (ii) describing the status of a particular something which in most cases is very appealing; such as food.

3. durst verb; most commonly used to describe eating but more so at a fast pace, a large amount or something that is dursty.
1. I need some durst, stat.

2. (i) Q: What are you sayin' bro?

A: Holy shit, I am fuckin' dursty. Lets get some durst.

(ii) That pizza last night was dursty.

3. Q: What happened to that dursty pizza last night?

A: The bros dursted it before it made it through the door.
by BingalingZ October 18, 2010
combination of dirt and dust
I hate it when I get durst in my mouth and eyes during a wind storm.
by mbart August 14, 2012
Grimy, Gross, ugly
Damn nigga did you see how durst that girl was.
by Chillinhardinthepaint September 26, 2011
Explosive diarrhea.
Hurry dude, I have to go to the bathroom to durst!
by Aeather December 26, 2010
To impact (physically) with an overwhelming momentum.
"Woah, number 28 just got dursted!
... is he ok?"
by chono August 30, 2006
The worst possible example. Awful, terrible. Poor quality, posessing of no ability.
I've heard a lot of records, but that one I just bought is durst.
by Tuffy May 18, 2005
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