Any kid who is fat and angered very easily and likes to say "FUCK OFF" alot when hes mad. (he loves the navy)
Hey look its that fat fuck DURN!!!!! Lets poke him to make him incredibly angry and maybe he will turn into "The Incredible Hulk" or its fatter brother "The Incredibly Obese Hulk"!!!!
by Anonymous October 21, 2003
Top Definition
Slang for "doing" (verb)
"What y'all be durn up in here?" "How you durn?"
by Robby T January 13, 2007
Durn is another name for marijuana bud
yo dune lets go burn some durn.

lets go durn.

i am so durned right now.

by durner December 09, 2010

Quality has no function to this definition, it is just slang for the actual product.
I got some durns, its some flame-o.

Yo, you know where any durns is at?

Typically, this word is used in a public situation where discretion is needed.
by M-eZ September 19, 2007
The most universal and friendly substitute/alternative/synonym for the most commonly ever day used "doing" (verb)

Commonly mistaken for a great utility in the event of "spitting game," however only to be just another one of the mistakes one makes in that entire night if "game spitting."

Shows eagerness/delightfulness in the voice while seeing somebody without directly being a freak when using the word

Also, Osama BinLaden's last words/greeting before gettin hosed down by a chopper like it was New Years Eve in the Bronyx.
"Well hey, how ya durn??"

"Hi ya dur-in?!" (all your doing is squeezing in that extra syllable just when the big breasted blond your speaking too thinks your finished speaking)

"Howww ya BEen duRRnn?" (stress the "BE" and "R" just exactly as it looks, followed by the fadeaway non-stressed n's). We'll typically hear this in social settings composed of people who already know each other, and whom have probably shared life-threatening situations with as well.
by SteveHall June 23, 2011
A word used when seeing something bad happen to someone, but thinking it is funny. It is a combination of damn and burn.
You lost the dog that you were supposed to watch for those people!?! Oh durn! You're screwed.
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