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When a slut is deep-throating your cock, once it reaches max distance inside the throat you flex your cock causing it to touch the "punching bag" ( uvula ) in the back of her throat. Which causes her to throw up all over your cock.
That fat bitch Sally was deep-throating my cock so I gave her The Incredible Hulk to help her lose weight.
by Nip Daddy and DJ Dubb December 12, 2012
22 2
slang for really good marijuana. used because both are green and fuck you up.
"i have a meeting with the incredible hulk later"
by Chyea chyea chyea May 11, 2007
29 25
A dick so massive that it breaks shit. Hulk smash? Twapping people with it could easily render them unconcious. Add a green rubber for effect.
What has 142 terth and holds back the incredible hulk?
by dr,dumbass May 10, 2009
11 18
my boyfreinds penis
when me boyfreind gets angry he pulls the hulk out.
by wangsturr November 20, 2003
9 53