Top Definition
Dupie is a knowledgable person who is super ugly! They usually participate in knowledge bowl and other intellectual activities. A good nickname for friends.
Or- a Dupie joke is a really bad joke or one that requires knowledge so no one understands.
Dupie is so smart that he came first at knowledge bowl- :p what a Dupie!
What's the capital of Kazakstan? -What a Dupie joke
by Ziggurat in disguise April 08, 2008
A word for a penis
a kid at a camp ground asks you "hey, do you know what a dupie is?" after much snickering and sexual references = boys jusst being teenage boys, he'll explain "its a word my grandmother made up referring to dicks. now my whole town uses it"
by campergirl1994 May 25, 2009
a kiddy word for your ass
Remember to wipe your dupie.
by Dan August 10, 2003
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