To duplicate an item in an online game and ruin the virtual economy while bringing virtual personal gain.
Hey guys, let's dupe lots of double cannons in PSO.
by DLG June 30, 2003
Top Definition
1. n. A duplicate
(rarely) v. To duplicate something

2. To deliberately confuse or scam someone
1. n.: There are too many dupes on UD.
* v.: The idiot was bored so he duped someone else's definition and added some offensive words.

2. The idiot was easily duped out of his cash.
by phantom oddity October 08, 2004
Jamaican slang term for close acquaintance or friend - usually preceded with the word "mi" as in "mi dupes"
Me and mi dupes a go up di road go link up a catty.
by frazras April 17, 2010
Also meand anus in Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian. Possibly Slovenian and Macedonian
"jebo ti ja dupe" ("i fuck your anus")
by SerBSPeeD September 25, 2005
to have more than 1, duplication
Look at all these dupes. We have 300 of the same kind of baseball cards.
by Steve December 29, 2002
tricking people in order to get back at them for breaking up with you in completely ridiculous ways--i.e. via text, in front of a bff 4 minutes before school starts, etc.
I'm definitely gonna dupe him tonight. He's a douche.
by Kristal Conrad March 30, 2009
To Dry Up the Pussy.
Pron. doop, doop-ed

Any single word, statement or action that a man unwittingly says or does that instantly causes the pussy to dry up, effectively ending any possible future sexual encounters. EVER.
Girl 1: How did it go with the new guy you met?

Girl 2: I was dying to sleep with him until he told me he lives at home, doesn't drive AND doesn't have a job. He DUPed himself right outta these crotches!

Girl 1: I went on the date last night and he ordered a shitload of food and then pretended to have forgotten his wallet at home.
Girl 2: Ugh! Yea girl, that's automatic DUPage
by Meridian Nascent July 03, 2014
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