butt, bottom, ass, botex, guz,guzica, gas,dupence
one of the synonims in lot of slavic languages for ass.
Imas jako lepo i stegnato dupe.
Boli me dupe za ovaj covek!
Mojata prijatelka ima strahotni kraka i naj-mekoto dupe na sveta.
by Raffaell September 10, 2005
Another word for shoes, or kicks.
Yo check out my fresh dupes son.
by kevMills February 19, 2011
1.v.to fuck over or to trickbag.
that punk dealer tried to dupe me on a sack-o-buds.
by TokerX August 28, 2003
(Adj.) Immaturely perverted
"That's what she said"

That's dupe...

Or if someone makes a perverted joke and you think they need to grow up you tell them... "that's dupe"
by coyquestions March 23, 2010
super duper
that was a dupe movie
by abbreves December 21, 2008
"no" originated in port dover ontario.
"man, got any deets?"
"dupe man"
by alliy December 15, 2006
Dupe = So cool it is beyond belief!
That film was dupe!
That cake was dupe!
Have you seen this game? Its so dupe!
I saw your mum naked, she looked dupe!!
by JabELs94 June 24, 2010

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