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To be completely finished or "done"! No more work is necessary on something/someone considered to be "dunzo".
"The meatloaf has been in the over for much too long. It must be dunzo"

"Randy told Stephanie she is DUNZO!"
by nfhare June 13, 2008
A situation or person characterized by displaying excessive homosexual tendencies, so much so, that any non-gay affiliated person is instantly driven to the limits of their tolerance level.
You look butthurt today, your not turning dunzo on us are you?
by Proud-|-Hetero March 26, 2011
A hella dumb Southern California slang word derived from the word "done".

Why is it dumb? Consider the source...
Only in So Cal are they dumb enough to create slang longer then the original word itself. Fricken tards.
I am so glad that test is dunzo.
by Spyro31K October 20, 2005
totally over with. No longer tallking about it.
someone- haha look at that fugly man!
5 minutes later
someone else- hahahah! thats funny!
someone- dude thats so dunzo.
by lai February 16, 2006