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Lurkers lurk. This lurking may exist in the form of excessive monitoring and creating of PT threads, checking out other people's myspaces without the intention of leaving a comment or message, or hitting on/trying to get with someone. Most people are a lurker sometimes, but you aren't truly a lurker until PT or myspace is used everytime you see a computer, or you're creepy (possibly old) and hit on mad girls.
I was lurking on PT instead of writing my paper!

Oh my god he is such a lurker!

Wish I was lurker... Wish I was on myspace...
by mulberrysdream May 07, 2008
raging it= partying. usually really hard. often times this occurs at a biscuits show -or even more frequently, at the hotel later on.
ways to rage it include:
-eating a 10 strip
-spelling out your name in blow
-schwilling jim beam
by mulberrysdream March 22, 2008
the space between the bed and wall in a hotey
"have you seen my backpack?? i think it's in the scuba hole!"
"a few wooks slept in the scuba hole."
"whose hotey is this and why am i in the scuba hole?"
by mulberrysdream December 19, 2008
the ambiguous dunzo is both a physical place and the state of mind, often reached by heavy dosing or through listening to ott's skylon.
barry's bedroom is the dunzo, the feeling you get when you listen to skylon is the dunzo, sayreville, new jersey is the dunzo

by mulberrysdream August 14, 2008
a town full of deemster heads with dried up pinneal glands.
kids from new paltz do deemster handstands with umbrellas, "oh that kid's from new paltz... he probably puffs mad deemz" "new paltz is not the dunzo"
by mulberrysdream December 16, 2008
to spill whiskey on electronic devices
"his ipod got millhoused at the hotey."

"careful with that drink! you're gonna millhouse your game cube."

by mulberrysdream May 11, 2008

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