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An adjective describing droopy boobs, a la Kirsten Dunst.
Grams, get a new bra. Your boobs are looking dunst.
by Cristie S. December 19, 2005
When an action of a person has ruined their reputation so much that they have in fact destroyed their entire career, and or life. This is in direct reference to Kirsten Dunst's roll in Spiderman 2
If you don't hook up with that girl you are so Dunst
by BFlanagh July 09, 2011
1. When called a "dunst" you are being referred to as a retard
2. To be "Dunsted" is kind of like being played like a banjo (or trombone)
3.And when someone saying"Dunstin!!" that means you're burnin!!!
1. yo why am i such a "Dunst "- i wish i was cooler!!!
2. you were just Dunsted you fool!!!!!!!!
3. you just dropped your phone in the river- Dunstin'!!!!!!!
by beckSTArzz July 29, 2008

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