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the belly "done-lops" over the belt
"look at that dude over there, he has a dunlop"
"check out the dunlop on that one"
"dunlop alert"
by emily April 11, 2005
A guitar supplies manufacturer based in Benicia, CA. They are known for their wah pedal, the "Cry Baby". They also make good picks made of "Tortex" a synthetic material similar to tortoise shell.
Pass me those Dunlop picks, I need to practice for the gig tonight.
by RHo! March 07, 2008
noun-SLANG dealing with obesity; having an overlay on your belt line.
His stomach has a dunlap over his belt.
by Dr. Mad March 24, 2003
1) A large excretion.

2) An adjective used to describe a Red Shirt Character.
3) Somebody in your group of friends that is 'Just There' in the sense that you barely know, and/or speak to said person.
Ex 1: Oh my god, I just dunloped in your bathroom.

Ex 2: Poor Dunlop didn't even know what hit him.

Ex 3: Who the hell invited Dunlop to the party?
by Just Like A Disease May 21, 2009
Can be further catagorized by recognizing the difference between "sitting" and "standing" dunlops. Sitting dunlops occur only when the person is sitting, whereas standing dunlops remain even after the person has stood up.
Those all-you-can-eat ribs gave me a sitting dunlop.

My standing dunlop makes it difficult to see my toes.
by Gabe Fauber (look for it!) May 16, 2005
A disease where your belly has dunloped over your belt...(Often found in over weight humans)
that girls belly dunlopped over her knees dale...
by playabob April 16, 2009
A guitar pedal company that mostly makes Wah pedals. Was one of the first to do so, but they arent the best.
IMO Morley produces better wah pedals.
by I hate your Emo Haircut December 11, 2004
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