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Noun. Slang term for head, or more specifically, a blowjob.
Bro - that slut gave me some amazing dunkachino outside the new Dunkin Donuts yesterday. We got hot chocolate after.
by thejstor May 04, 2009
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The act of getting fucked while taking a shit reverse cowboy style
Funnnnn funnnnn funnnn funnnn funnn. dunkachino
by howie2323 October 03, 2013
1.a homosexual drink consumed by men of questionable sexual persuasion.
2. Homosexual act using a tall lanky male as a prop along with a blueberry muffin
3. acceptable noun that can be used to replace homo in a sentence
Wow dan just blow that guy... yea man hes a dunkachino.
by Bosco Rockets February 25, 2009
Get to your nearest dunkin donuts and order yourself a tasty dunkachino. Let it cool down and then pour it between your girls boobs. Drink it up like a fountain biotches.
Jordan and Nastallia shared the ultimate dunkachino, man did she dunk his donuts.
by Dave December 31, 2004

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