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When a girl wears clothes that are too small, particularly jeans. Tight jeans push up the fat on her hips, which spills over the sides of the pants like the top of a muffin around the wrapper.
Also called cupcake.
by The Singing Butler July 08, 2005
It happens every May. You come back from school only to find your female friends from high school getting fatter and fatter. The term blueberry muffin describes a girl who, despite meeting that description, continues to wear the same clothes she did in high school. If you haven't made the connection between the girl and the muffin, take a look at the part of the muffin which flops over the wrapper.
Jamie has turned into a blueberry muffin, but I would still cover her in my frosting.
by Akbar42 August 06, 2004
A synonym for Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat beer, which tastes suspiciously of blueberry muffins.
Hey, let have some blueberry muffins and sit in the hot tub!

Man, someone drank the last of my blueberry muffins.

Want a PBR? Nah, I have blueberry muffins.
by O' Briney March 05, 2009
The penis after an anal cream pie. From the blueish green tint to the substance.
After doing her in the ass, she gobbled on the blueberry muffin.
by kintatatsu November 21, 2010
Code for sex in the UK (can be used in front of parents or anyone over the age of 30)
"Hmm I really fancy some blueberry muffins rights now"
by Xela808 January 28, 2015
In certain cultures, especially in military tours to Afghanistan, asking for a 'blueberry muffin' at a massage parlor means to get a hand job at the end in exchange for a big tip.
person 1: I got a massage today at FOB Shank massage parlor.
person 2: Did you get a Blueberry muffin at the end?
person 1: Yeah, it cost me an extra $20.
by DirteeDude2 March 01, 2014
Part of the BRO CODE

When a bro is intoxicated and chatting-up a girl (one of exceptionally bad quality), it is ANOTHER bros responsibility to warn his bro of the bad decision he is about to make.

In this situation the term "blueberry muffins" is subtly used as code for "Get the fuck out of there! ABORT ABORT!".
Bro sees his bro in trouble and subtly codes to him: "DUDE!! Lets go get some BLUEBERRY MUFFINS!"
by The blueberry muffin man April 30, 2011

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