A roleplaying game in which players act as adventurers and fight with them.
"Hey, lets go get a game of D&D started!"
by blair coppage January 21, 2004
A game for the uber-geeks of the world (like me) to come and speak a language completely unintelligable to non-players.
Dungeons and Dragons: Skills, feats, and elves! Oh my!
by Darth Kiljoy July 27, 2006
A game or "Alternative Lifestyle" played typically by teenagers and aging adults. Not much is needed to play other than a paper, a pencil, some imagination, and some friends.
Hitler played D&D with his Jewish friends one night, when the Gamemaster Craig cheated and Hitler has been bitter about it ever since...thus being responsible for the Holocaust.
by xplayer3 September 06, 2004
When a girl attempts to stick two dildos into another girl's anal cavity, and they get lodged in. Causing her to moan like a dragon.
Dungeons and Dragons
by Anonymous20100 May 20, 2010
The best thing in the history of man that allows nerds and other people that are not "normal" to create a world in which they can be the strongest and or the smartest person ever.
Every sunday Brian,Carl and I have a 6 hour D&D session with our dungeon master Keegan to escape this normal really boring world of ours.
by Bobby Rayner July 18, 2004
A pencil and paper role-playing game. Considered by some to be the unofficial beginning of the fantasy/geek subculture.
Why don't you go play dungeons and dragons with your geek friends?
by E. R. Faust July 06, 2005
To quote popular rock entertainer Marilyn Manson's autobiography:

'If each cigarette reduces your life by 6 minutes, then each game of Dungeons and dragons delays the loss of your virginity by 6 weeks.'
John: I've played Dungeons and dragons 15 times, and thus, the loss of my virginity has been delayed by 90 weeks!

Pedro: ...Want a cigarette?
by OMFGBENNEYTEE December 29, 2007

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