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one of the most true americans whoever lived.
Will rogers was an american hero!
by TinfoilHelmet May 19, 2005
see soviet usa in urban dictionary and you will get a small understanding of the true meaning of big brother.
Soviet usa look it up
by TinfoilHelmet April 25, 2005
The shits its what happens when you get sick and your blowing mud also known as soup poo
God damnit i know i shouldnt hjave eaten at that all you can eat chinese buffet right next to the tatoo parlor now i have got the gortz!
by TinfoilHelmet May 19, 2005
the squirts or the shits or blowing mud the gortz
i ate some real bad taco bell last night now i got soup poo!
by TinfoilHelmet May 19, 2005
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