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A highly complex role playing game created by Gary Gygax a brilliant man who took wargaming and turned it into a highly enjoyable game that is so open ended that the players decide the fate of the campain more than any video game.

Unlike video games that claim "The player's decisions influence the story" this game actualy lives up to that claim. In video games there is a limited amount of diversions from the main story that can be influenced by the player, because the computer cant make up a story, or expand it. A DM can mould and change the story as the game goes wand each characters actions have real repurcussions on things on the large scale and small scale.

Its essentialy a game for people that are fed up with video games that require about as much mental power as it takes to breath.
Video Game: You failed to rescue the villager and killed 3 innocent people along the way, your banned from this city...the game goes on.

Dungeons and dragons: You failed to rescue the villager and killed 3 innocent people along the way, your banned from this city, and a relative of one of the dead men who happens to be a crime overlord is weaving a web of deception to frame you for the assassination of the king, for which you must uncover the clues for, weasle your way into and discover, the truth

I'm going over to Sams house to play Dungeons And Dragons.
by Micky-P January 21, 2006
A small (and annoying) land rodent, found mainly in the oxford falls bush land. A constant pest that has had several attempts to exterminate with no success. Tends to follow people and larger animals in hopes of scraps and attention. Attempts to avoid often prove futile with threats of violence being to complex for its lower order brain. The best bet is to bribe it into leaving.
Should also note, it has an odd fetish for rocks
Damn it Squirrel is following us again!
by Micky-P March 06, 2006
A large bird found mainly in the oxford falls area, possesses large body mass to size ratio causing it to be listed under the flightless birds category. However its lack of flight ability doesn’t prevent it from trying to fly every now and then resulting often in broken limbs.
Able to survive on morphine alone for long periods.
There goes another pidgeon.
by Micky-P March 06, 2006

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