To quote popular rock entertainer Marilyn Manson's autobiography:

'If each cigarette reduces your life by 6 minutes, then each game of Dungeons and dragons delays the loss of your virginity by 6 weeks.'
John: I've played Dungeons and dragons 15 times, and thus, the loss of my virginity has been delayed by 90 weeks!

Pedro: ...Want a cigarette?
by OMFGBENNEYTEE December 29, 2007

Dungeons and Dragons is a game where the socially intelligent players should never come out of the closet and hide all evidence of this virgin prolonging addiction.

Keep it on the DL and get some outdoor hobbies so you don't rot in your grandma's basement without ever meeting a girl.

Dungeon Master: "The goblins spot you! Roll for initiative!
Player: "Oh boy, a 20 and a 1!"


"Oh shit! THe only girls I know are here! Quick! Shove it in the closet!

Ladies: "What were you guys doing in the closet? Why don't you guys just admit your gay."
by The Snaps October 24, 2006
The thing that has help the Catholic Church keep from having sex for 30 years
Dungeons and Dragons is so awesome though i wish i felt the nice touch of a woman
by Jesus and his Disciples April 03, 2006
A board game that is a temporary utopia for dorks, nerds, and geeks like me. You can do literaly whatever you want.
Let's go play dungeons and dragons, my character just got this cool new feat.
by Gareth Klieber January 04, 2006
A game for nerds who know that there life sucks. They play this game so they can escape their sucky lifes and try to be the strongest person ever, but only in this fantasy world.
My life sucks so Im going home to play Dungeons and Dragons.
by Gatman April 01, 2006
The one qualifier of being a total dork ass. If you are unsure if someone is a total nerd, just ask if they play this game.

Be weary, the ash troll has a level 8 magic power dagger!
Nerd: I smite thee with my power dagger!
Dork Ass: I have the Shield of Almador! I take no damage!
Nerd: Let us be merry and travel to Calmaderk to smite the evil wizard!
Dork Ass: I love dungeons and dragons!
Nerd: Will you be my boyfriend?
by Evil Wizard July 11, 2006
A game that losers and rejects play and talk about all day at school because they do not know anything else.
Look, that fag over there with clothes from salvation army plays dungeons and dragons all day.
by snakes on plane September 02, 2006
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