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Usually goes by Dom, a guy that girls want.
Not afraid to knock a mother fucker out, badass guy that everyone wants to be friends with. He is a badass.
Loves to get fucked up, parties hard and never remembers important events that happened. Likes to camp and go to the river. It does not bother him to pay for things.
Major biter, lips and neck. Leaves hickeys. Usually has tattoos.
Girl: Last night was great.
Dominick: What are you talking about?
Girl: You told me you loved me.
Dominick: I don't love you, but thats a nice fucken ass.
Guy: Yea that is a nice fucken ass.
Girl: Thanks?
by HeroineBob August 03, 2009
A great guy. Good looks, amazing personality. Super funny, and gets all the ladies. Awesome friends to Christina's especially.
Girl1: Who in the woooooorld is that?
Girl2: Dominick :
Girl1: Mmm, he's gorgeousss!
Girl2: No one will ever get him. Hes too good.
by ElizabethLizzy. February 08, 2010
Dominick is Probably one of the most fun people you will ever meet. He always knows the right things to say and loves to joke around. He has thebest sense of humor and always know how to make you laugh. he will always bring a smile to your face no matter what. Music is also important in his life. He has the best taste in music and loves to play multiple instruments. Can be really shy but that's what makes his amazing, deep personality. Dark hair, dark eyes and has the best smile. He is incredibly nice and very understanding. One of the most trusting people you will ever meet. He is also very smart and holds the best conversations. Never disappoints you.
"that's hilarious... Something Dominick would say!"
"wow that essay is amazing... You wrote a Dominick"
by Meowing cat August 08, 2012
The most beautiful baby boy on Earth. He is so extremely adorable that lightens everyone's day. Was procreated from beautiful mom Rebeca
Dominick make Rebeca happy everyday.
by ms.becky3 February 02, 2010
The most gorgeous guy you will ever meet; tends to turn your frown upside down by just saying hello. Usually goes by Domi and lives in Belgium. Hes the one that all girls want but only certain few can get. He has a really good taste in music and his swag is on the point. He has gorgeous hair and amazing eyes. He really knows how to make girl feel beautiful. He has an amazing sense of humour and is always up for a laugh. Parties hard.Can be very shy, and doesnt actually realise how gorgeous he is and how much hes worth!
Dominick: xD ur so cute :P
Girl: awh so are you<3
Dominick: noes.
Girl: Yum Yum ;)
Dominick: shhh :$
by iloveyoudomi February 19, 2012
Gets friend-zoned easily and is a bit on the shy side but is known for his looks and popularity.
Girl: "Oh hey is that Dominick?"
Guy: "Yeah but don't talk to him because he'll probably fall in love with you but will be too afraid to admit it."
by Littleloveshrub June 11, 2014
Dominick is a very beautiful and handsome boy. When he goes near people there heart beats out of there chest. Girls love Dominick just as much as he loves himself.
Look at Dominick. Oh my god, he's so sexy
by Beautiful baby January 28, 2015
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