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(1) One who is incredibly stupid or did something retarded. Combination of the words 'dumb' and 'pussy' or possibly a shortened 'dumbass'.
(2) Word coined by Strong Bad on Homestar Runner, used to make fun of Strong Sad.
(1) "Jim, stop being a dumpus and hand me that screwdriver!"
(2) "No misspellings + good idea + made fun of dumpus=SOLID!"
by KaiserMonkey August 17, 2003
Strong Sad's other name, given to him by Strong Bad.
by The Great X-wing Ace March 28, 2003
A muddy, boggy section of track or trail. Not of a watery consistency, but of a porridge or custard like consistency.
(While hiking or bush-walking)

"Ted, look out for that dumpus, I just put my foot right in it."
by karter16 January 14, 2012
kinda slow witted and all that stuff, often called josh, has 2 long sideburns that stand erect when aroused.
yo! did you see that dumpus?
by Ass Whomper September 08, 2004
to love somebody!
I love you dumpus
by rogerthat December 08, 2003
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