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junk in the trunk or a large rear end; badunkadunk
she got dumps like a truck, truck, truck, guys like what, what, what
by Tiff April 09, 2004
A large booty. From dump truck: a vehicle with a large area for hauling things. It's just the woman-car metaphor with another twist. see junk in the trunk, badonkadonk
That girl got dumps like a truck, yo!
by fizzle March 24, 2004
A term used to describe a woman with a large posterior. Mostly used for women whose posteriors are so large that it appears they have taken a dump in their pants.
Damn, that girl's got dumps like a truck
by jkap1000 December 07, 2009
(v.) Refers to a large poop, usually from a female.
Cornelius, did you happen to witness the massive log that Mrs. Jones excreted from her rectum?

Yes, sir. I would say that she dumps like a truck.

by Nick April 14, 2004
An analogy used to describe people, usually larger ones, who excrimate their feces in a manner resembling a dumptruck dumping it's load.
Man, that fat old b1tch dumps like a truck
by Mike Lofthouse April 12, 2004
huge boobs, over size D, most know from the phase "damn Zack's mom got dumps like a truck yo"
"Zack's mom got dumps like a truck!"
by halla,motherfuhher July 07, 2007
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