A verb meaning "very", the preppy version of the term dumb.
I was dumby tired during math class, so I fell asleep.
by KissTheStars December 09, 2006
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Common misspelling of the word dummy, almost always used by the people who can easily be described by the word itself. Just because dumb has a "b" at the end, does not mean dummy has to. Also, dummy does not rhyme with Gumby.
"You are such a dumby!" -Lauren, Monica, etc...
"Actually, you are the dummy!" -Brandon
by Crunk Dizzle September 28, 2006
fake ROCKs (crack cocaine)
these fools still be feindin my dumbys
by OF CORSE its alex August 28, 2003
a person who is the opposite of smart
joe wilson is a dumby because he had a chance to date the hottest/nicest girl in school, but he blew it because he is a dumby
by jayfelice December 23, 2003
When someone is acting dumb, they are a dumby. The logical spelling of the popular word dummy.

Pronounced (DUM-b-EE)
Jerome: Gosh, Alan, you're being such a dumby!
Alan: What the hell, Jerome? Dumby? What is that?
Jerome: You're being dumb. You're a dumby!
by Jemima Hootensnancle October 29, 2007
A person with no common sense. One who lacks all judgement.
The Bling is a big dumby.
by Nads August 26, 2004
A noun used to represent dumb or slow people. Also can be used as an adjective.
"You are a serious dumby."
"Hey you dumby jerk, why are you taking my car?"
by $tefen September 01, 2006

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