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Common term referring to one who misspells words then tries to cover it by adding all kinds of bullshit on facebook
My aunt is a dumbass!
by brothermike10100100 November 23, 2010
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A person who can't decipher the meaning of "dumbass" and looks it up.

A person who already knew the meaning but looked it up for "kicks".

67% of the American population.

Look in the mirror for more information
Joel: Yo' man, what the fuck does dumbass mean?
Ashton Kutcher: I dunno bruhh, look it up on Urban Dictionary.

Dave: Mom, I'm sick of living in your basement and watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic reruns. I want a job.
Dave's Mom: How about a job as a dumbass?
Dave: Sounds great! How do I apply, though?
Dave's Mom: Look up "dumbass" on Urban Dictionary.

Dave: But I already know what dumbass mea-
Dave's Mom: Do you want this fucking job or what, you worthless piece of human shit!? Look up "dumbass" on Urban Dictionary right fucking now!
Dave: Okay, okay!

Judy: Hey Lexi, did you know that 67% of Americans are dumbasses?
Lexi: The more you know~

Pete: I looked into the mirror last night and I saw a dumbass!
by I love you, Senpai~ June 07, 2014
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Someone who doesn't know Saskatchewan is in Canada and thinks it's in Louisiana."
"Mike Noble is a dumb ass and thinks Saskatchewan is in Louisiana."
by Anonymous123467934543223 September 20, 2013
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1. A person who lacks intelligence.
2. Barack Obama
Barack Obama is a dumbass.
by smartass inc June 01, 2013
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jenny fu
james: who is dumbass
jenny: me
by negaro69 November 30, 2011
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to describe an excessive amount of something. a synonym of "hella"
it is dumbass cold out here

it is really cold
by eckill. October 06, 2008
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The word dumbass originates from the person by the name of Paul. Dumbass tend to suffer from anger problems but are also in great denial of this problem. His face resembles Mr Angry from Mr Men
Oh look, here comes dumbass again.
by The wold March 23, 2007
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