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excrete fecal matter; shit
I went to the restroom to take a duker.
#poop #shit #crap #turd #dung
by Samuel M. April 06, 2006
the place where a drunk boyfriend tries to stick it ,also known as the asshole.
Dustin got slapped after he tried to put it in Georgia's duker.
by Curtis December 16, 2003
poop; shit; no. 2
Hurry up in there! I've gotta blast a duker.
by Nick Victim April 29, 2004
(slang) a person, especially one with whom you are close.
Text that duker and see if he's down to roll.
How you dukin, duker?
What's up, dukers?
#thing #duke #dukin #shit #bitch
by worderupper October 18, 2010
dukers refers to the feeling that one has to shit ones brains out. Can also mean having a greasey bung hole
Man I have dukers
by D][sEaSeD June 05, 2004
A form of slang for the word shit, crap, poop, ect.
I have a duker brewing, lets get.
by Dodsman July 30, 2004
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