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2 definitions by worderupper

(slang) a person, especially one with whom you are close.
Text that duker and see if he's down to roll.
How you dukin, duker?
What's up, dukers?
by worderupper October 18, 2010
1. (verb, trans.) do something
2. (verb, reflexive) do something
3. (verb, intrans.) do something
4. (noun) something
1. "Dude!? Duke that shit. Just get it done already."; "Hey yo duke me one of those dukes; them shits are fuckin good!"

2. "Sup yo. Why don't you duke it on over here and we'll head out."
3. "Hey duder, what are you scoopers poopin?" "Nothin much bro -- straight dukin."
4. "Hey did you get your new dukes yet?"
by worderupper October 18, 2010