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An oversized and undersexed Australian female mammal who lurks.
"Good lord, what is that at standing the bar?"
"Ah, that's the dugong. Steer clear my man".
by ba May 07, 2003
An amazing sea animal that sucks up vegetation like a vacuum
Wow, that Dugong ate all the seaweed
by TGF1 January 29, 2009
A Dugong is a girl whom is absolutely hideous, so ugly that you vomit in your own mouth every time you see one, but one that you can guarantee sex from. She is so desperate that she will take what ever is coming her way!

A.K.A : Ugly Fat Whore’s
Steven was so drunk last night that he went home with a Dugong. Forget changing the bed sheets, he needs a whole new bed!
by Catmo February 13, 2009
They need to be saved. Their main diet is sea grass.
Yo let's go save some dugongs.
Already? It's only like 10 in the morning.
Dude it's always time to save dugongs.
by Baby Bleu Cheese October 15, 2009
An overweight female who remarkably resembles a the endangered freshwater mammal of the same name (also known as a "manatee" or "sea-cow.") Although the term can be loosely applied at any given time, it is most appropriately used when viewing overweight females at the pool, beach, etc...
Call PETA, somebody's keeping a Dugong in their pool.
by BlickaB May 25, 2009
Slang for a solid excrement approximately 3 times the length of its diameter. esp. Australian
After coming back from the toilet. "Did you hear that Seaworld released a dugong?"
Before going to the toilet, ""I need to birth a baby dugong".
by The Mariner November 28, 2009
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