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A duece duece is when you take a duece (a shit) and immediately have to take another duece after that.
Man, after eating that taco bell, I had to take a duece duece.
by Greg Kolowich November 07, 2008
A .22 caliber pistol. Used by pussies who can't handle the recoil of a .45 caliber.
I took out my duece duece, flicked off the safety, and let the lead fly.
by W23 November 02, 2006
also known as highway 22, a popular highway in new jersey spanning from the delaware river to newark
"where are you guys"
"just shrimpin on the duece duece"
by babbbybabbyxx July 20, 2009
when there are 2 gurls and 2 guys getting drunk and the girls pull out the guys huge weiners and one girl sucks one guys weiner while the other sucks the other guys weiner....then a magical thing happens the girls switch off and start sucking the opposite guys weiner
Yo them tricks t and c gave me and my boy a duece duece last night.
by Master duecer 86 October 16, 2009
when a girl gives head twice in one night
that crazy ho joelle did that duece duece
by adefrenza October 11, 2006
22 ounce alcholic beverage.
I'll take a duece duece and a pack of Newports.
by Jeremy November 09, 2004