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Etymology: c. 1986 Surf culture
Combination of the words "radical" and "dude".

Used to describe something considered pleasing and/or revolutionary by the party concerned or pop culture in general.
"Have you seen the new Ferrari? Those air intakes are dudical!"
by Phuyuck '74 January 23, 2004
the mixture of dude and radical to discribe a word so radical, it's dudical
"whhhoooooa, that shit's dudical"
by bing July 01, 2003
A portmanteau of dude and radical, meaning that something or someone is fantastic or awesome.
Man, that book was really dudical.
by Ferkner July 02, 2010
adj. used to describe something outstanding-WAY better than good, great, cool, etc. :-)

(An exclamation usually made after hearing or seeing something extraordinary, also used as a compliment.)
Whoa! That was totally dudical mon!
by Mad-Mad December 19, 2004
Something which is incredibly pleasant/pleasing to the party involved.
Is this the new issue of Playboy?! DUDICAL!
by SchwarzerWind September 01, 2003
A slang cross of radical and dude invented by JJ Sauram of Peoria, Illinois circa 1986.

Often used as a depiction of the high quality of an item or event.
Wow that's totally dudical!
by Kuroi Kaze October 12, 2005
omg like totally cool
gerald: i'm too dudical for my shirt. so dudical it hurts.
by poptart April 05, 2003
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