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When two male best freinds officially end thier friendship over a lame disagreement, usually concerning a girl.
Spencer and Brody got a dudevorce over Lauren.
by Ellen T. October 08, 2007
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A mixture made out of the words "dude" and "divorce". It means, that two good friends go seperate ways after a dispute.

See also:"Bromance"
A:"Did you get the news?"

B:"Which ones?"

A:"About the FineBros."

B:"Go 'head..."

A:"One of 'em made secretly more money than the other one.
They mentioned in some videos, that they were friends since
kindergarten. The other one found out about that secret
and he started a dudevorce, by pissing on his doorstep
in the middle of Winter."

B:"Haha awesome! I totally hate those reaction vidz anyways!"
by Markus Neusteiner March 05, 2014
2 1
End of a bromance
John: I can't believe you won't lend me ten thousand dollars. We're best friends, everybody thinks we're bromosexual.

Mike: Dudevorce me, bitch! Your credit sucks.
by rottnzonie March 22, 2014
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(n.) the action or instance of the separation, annulment, or legal dissolution of a marriage between two men.
Now that Iowa has legalized same-sex marriage, I'll bet Jack and Ennis get a dudevorce before the year is out.
by ssppuunn April 29, 2009
34 124