White word for nigga
white:wuts up dude?
black:wuts happenin nigga?
by Dan February 15, 2004
A pimple on a donkeys ass!!! Well they smell like a donkeys ass and they act like an ass.
1)Hey dude!
2)Yo dude!
1)whats up man?
2) nothin
2) kewl
by wtf....ask me November 08, 2003
A wart on a horses dick
hey Pete I dare you to lick the dude.
by big warren November 05, 2003
a mole on a horse's ass with hairs growing out of it.
Horsy, can i touch your dude?
by a;lkjfsd July 31, 2003
A pimple on a horses ass.
Wow. Thats a big dude.
by DOOD. April 16, 2003
the hairs on the elephants ass
the dudes on the elephant were huge, they need a trim
by justine jewell November 18, 2004
A hairy mole on a donkey's dick.
"...Man, you're a dude."
by DickFaceJohn April 28, 2004

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