1. On a Saturday night he is found in the club, with a bottle full of bud
2. a man who listen to: Nickle back, Linken Park Theory of a Deadman or Hinder
3. men who go to clubs to “grind with hot bitches
4. On dates he only talks about his car, how fast it goes, what’s under the hood, the fact you race it and think it impresses girls
5. When a man drinks beer and refers to it as brew-skis
6. a man who high-five his friends, co workers and girlfriends
7. a man who calls his friends Dude, Bro, Buddy and will often add a “ski” to the end of if (broski)
8. men who buy shirts that cost $100 to show off your muscles
9. men who drink muscle milk and “pump iron” at the gym
10. men who smell like a fragrence department
11. men who don’t have facial hair
12. men from surrey
13. The last book he read was maxim
14. men who play beer pong with his buddies from high school.
15. a man who has gotten into five fights at the bar in the last month, over a girl, whose name he can’t remember
16. men who pair board shorts and runners
17. men who drink Jägerbombs
I just grinded with a compleate dudebro
by Lindsay J. September 13, 2008
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A white male, usually between the ages of 18-25 who is obsessed with Tap-Out, Ed Hardy, and most commonly Affliction. A dude bro can be caught wearing cargo shorts at any given moment while sporting a generic tribal arm band tattoo. The car of choice by the dude bro is a late 90's model ford mustang or a "tricked" out honda civic. On the dude bro's radio you will anything from Godsmack to Hinder.
guy 1 (talking to a group of dude-bro's as they pass by)- "Hey dude bro, sweet tattoo!"

group of dude bro's- (as they all turn together) hey thanks dude bro!!

( they were oblivious that they were actually being made fun of )
by dudebrono May 18, 2009
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he pumps iron to the point of looking ridiculous and wears little shirts often preys on younger girls....has ridiculous meaningless tattoos like tribal or chinese lettering tattoo. checks his self out whenever there is an opportunity. has more hair product then most woman.
Hey Johnny needs to stop chugging those protein shakes and injected steroids while listening to little wayne and hitting on that bleach blond bimbo or else he is doomed to be a 'dudebro'
by xosugartitsox July 13, 2008
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an 18-24 year old american male, generally Caucasian, who wears birkenstock sandals along with polos (sometimes pink) that have their collars "popped", watches Family Guy, plays ultimate frisby, and wears an upside-down visor or a baseball cap with a pre-frayed brim.

Dude Bros are also known to listen to music such as Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson, Incubus, and crappy rap artists that are played constantly on the radio. Some dude bros enjoy playing Gamecube due to the fact that they become mesmerized that they can play games on a cube while drinking beer.

Dude bro's are incredibly insecure in their manhood, which makes them: insanely jealous of their girl friends, overly macho, and laughably homophobic.
dude bro 1: "hey dude! wanna go chill?"
dude bro 2: "sup bro? sure, we can play gamecube..."

another example would be the guy who wrote the definition for wakeboarder
by that_one_kid September 24, 2007
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a friendly greeting or form of address
'dude' (a man, a guy) in junction with 'bro' (a friend, chum, pal)
Dude-bro! It has been a while since we've hung out.

Don't worry dude-bro, I've got you covered.
by RK5000 April 14, 2010
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A combination poser and douchebag whom has an apparent deep psychological need to appear tougher (pronounced "harder" by dudebros) than they really are. Characterized by an over-eagerness to cram slang into at least every fifth word in any given sentence, this is in fact the root of their name. The dudebro is often seen driving an over-sized 4x4 truck with lift-kit (that will never go off-road as long as he owns it) and giving hard looks to people in traffic as he cuts them off in traffic at break neck speed. Additionally the dudebro truck is distinguished further by its rear window stickers, usually the Oakland Raiders (sometimes other football teams but never any other sport) and/or some lame metal band no one has ever heard of.
That gay ass dudebro cut me off!

"Like, dudebro, like, step off or I'll, like, totally fuck you up, like, man!"

"Bra, like, dude, check out my, like, sweet, like, ride, man, I'm totally fucking taking this, like, off-road, dude, like next week totally... nah, dudebro, seriously, bro!"

douchebag, poser, bro, dude, bra, gwetto, pansy, pansie, tough talk
by Gwangi September 30, 2007
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A term referring to the sexually frustrated and socially incapable young males who all wear the same style of clothes, stalk the same females, and repeatedly talk in gay voices to eachother. It is generally very easy to spot a dude-bro, if you hear the word 'gay' or 'faggot' used in a derogatory way, look for a sideways hat or a Thirsty Thursday shirt(or collared shirt) and you will see a dude-bro.
Me: "Those guys just said Broken Social Scene is gay."
Fellow Intellectual: "But Broken Social Scene is the greatest band ever!"
Me: "Yeah, they must be dude-bros."
by Static-Sleep April 01, 2007
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