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18- 40 year old guy. Some key characteristics are the following: 1) travels in packs of similar kind 2) restaurant of choice is BW3 or local establishment that serves wings and has lots of tvs for sports 3) always drives a truck even though it's rarely used for it's intended purpose 4) plays tons of video games that involve violence or football 5) roots for a college they didn't attend 6) has been in community college for the last 4 years in "business" 7) lives with their parents or a group of guys 8) wears a jersey out on a Saturday night 9) chews tobacco and always carries a spittoon around (bottle) 10) likes movies that are action packed 11) wears a small gold chain 12) good chance they have a DUI 13) dates girls that have no idea who the vice president is 14) wears boxers and makes sure people see them 15) likes rap, classic rock or country.
Most guys at BW3s are Dude Bros.
by vandergoose October 24, 2011

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