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meaning mostly like "distant shots". mostly game related. it greatly deals with kills by snipes and from a distance. of course this is related to the word "sniped" considering it means the same thing. just a different funnier more "i pwnd you" way of saying it. more like saying in an offensive way that you were "a sitting duck".
me: "ah dude you know that like so awesome!"

you: "what do you mean?"

me: "well i got most kills and they were all duck shots!"

you: "¬¬... w/e"
by catinthehat1234 November 05, 2007
To toast a shot of awful booze, usually USA rum, to a plastic duck at Sunday River.
To old farts were making their way up the mountain on a chair lift, when a plastic bird forced them to duck shot, an then quack afterwards.
by java monster February 18, 2008
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