a person that holds themselves in extremely high and annoying self-esteem
Jack: Hey you seen Mark around lately James?
James: Nah, did you see? He made a definition for himself on 'Urban Dictionary'.
Jack: Yeah, that dude is so full of duckshit.
by smackthatquack January 22, 2012
Top Definition
Duck shit is closely related to the saying that is some Bull shit but it has more of a meaning.
Brandon: im going to the party
Brittany: No your not your staying home
Brandon: Fuck no that's some duck shit
by Posiedon of nazarath June 06, 2009
the main attraction at warriors path state park in kingsport tn.
there ,and there, and over here,god damn it bubba stay outta the duck shit it aint to eat
by tina January 07, 2004
To scare verbally. This could be to yourself or to someone else.
1:Omigosh! What if we lose? What if we mess up? Oh no, I'm just duck shitting myself.

ex 2.
1:The other team is good. You guys are sooo going to lose this game. *Snicker*

2: Stop duck shitting me!
by KWT April 22, 2005
In deep shit, or as good as dead.
Lol@Gadaffi, he's totally duckshit now
by filistine August 20, 2011
To talk with flirtatiously, particularly with an internet chat ID dealing with ducks in some way.
Damn, duck was talkin' alot of duck shit today.
by blancmange September 12, 2006
quite possibly the funniest phrase i've ever heard. Makes anything funny.
"Dude...i'm sorry your grandmother died like that. Look out! Duck shit! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"
by Rypsaw May 02, 2003
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