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Sport Utility Vehicle. Neither a sport vehicle nor a utility vehicle. A whack, fakeass (and successful) attempt by the motor vehicle industry to lure in overpaid middle class workaholic moms who think that they need a 3 ton vehicle to carry their stupid kids to soccer practice.
"My old car got 38 miles per gallon and could carry only 4 people; despite the fact that i am a divorced mother of one, i had to upgrade to a vehicle that got 13 miles per gallon and could carry 10 people."
by Rypsaw April 30, 2003
Fascism is the belief in the absolute control of everyone/everything. A form of government that is slowly becoming popular in america.
by Rypsaw April 30, 2003
Word exclaimed to express displeasure/dissatisfaction/distaste/hate of a certain event/situation/object/person.
The bossman: "Hey Jim! Go wax the backroom again, it looks like shit."
Jim: "RAAAAAAAR!!!!"
by Rypsaw April 30, 2003
A usually derogatory term used to desrcibe any of a number of imported cars (hondas, mitsubishes, etc.) that are not specifically designed for racing. Many have only physical modifications, including neon lights, massive spoilers, and decals for equipment they don't have. Others, however, are extensively modified for racing and often sport NOS, Tubos/superchargers, well tuned exhaust systems, and computer enhanced fuel/air mix ratios. This variety is MUCH rarer.
I pulled up next to this guy driving a rice rocket yesterday. His fake stickers didn't help him when i smoked his ass.
by Rypsaw April 30, 2003
A derogatory term used (usually) by young american males to describe foreign trucks. See rice rocket.
Jesse refused to buy a rice hauler. He only likes Chevy's.
by Rypsaw April 30, 2003
An uncircumsized penis.
"Loser, you're just pissed cuz you have to roll back the skin on your macaroni noodle."
by Rypsaw April 30, 2003
quite possibly the funniest phrase i've ever heard. Makes anything funny.
"Dude...i'm sorry your grandmother died like that. Look out! Duck shit! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"
by Rypsaw May 02, 2003
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