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1. someone who is particularly anal about things that no one else cares about
2. someone that thinks he is better than everyone else
Jay is such a duck fucker! Did you read that article he wrote in the school paper? No on cares about that gross band.
by Bridgett May 03, 2006
a; a person who has sex with ducks
b; a person who, on a regular basis, is annoyingly sensitive or persistant regarding something unimportant or not worth caring about.
c; a generic insult meant to confuse the insulted person
what a duck fucker!
dude, don't be a duck fucker
by cspine June 07, 2004
1)A person who is very anal retentive and incapable of using common sense.

2)The ideal employee for any state or government job.
I can't stand working with Derek...he is such a duck fucker!
by livingdeadgirl October 09, 2006
Someone who fucks ducks
Tiller is a real duck fucker

My name is Tiller, I fuck ducks and sometimes small reptiles if i am feeling frisky

Tiller, stop fucking the birds and reptiles
by notaduckfuckerliketilleris August 15, 2008
to fuck a duck
hey! lets go fuck that duck over there.
by lynes September 26, 2003
1) He Who (on a regular basis) has sexual relations with ducks 2) a woman who spreads hers legs before a duck
Tommy Hayes reguarly fucks ducks, he is a duck fucker , or "we all fuck ducks" an accurate refrence could be the poem "fuck fuck fuck a duck, screw a kangaroo, fingerbang an arangatang at your local zoo"
by DuckLover42 April 10, 2009