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That thing you yell after you see somebody get hit in the head.
Person A: *gets smacked in the head by a football*
Person B: "...DUCK!"
by Soupy September 21, 2006
Can't remember shit (or, for the less vulgar, stuff).

"CRS means Can't Remember...damn, what was that last word again?"
by Soupy January 08, 2008
Used to the same effect as "shut the hell up" by someone who doesn't use the word hell, often little kids who get in trouble for such "cuss words."
Person 1: You're such a momma's boy!
Person 2: Oh yeah? Well, shut the heck up!
Person 1: Ooh, real tough! What's the matter, mommy won't let you say hell?
Person 2: ...SHUT UP!
by Soupy November 03, 2008
A variation of the term "shut up," meaning to stop making noise.
Person 1: Oh, I just love having the shades open! It brings in so much sunlight that way! Don't you just love it? I can't get enough of that sunlight! Oh, I tell ya, I-
Person 2: Dude, close the shades!
by Soupy November 03, 2008
Short for "A Friend Always." A term used to sign letters, used in the same way as "from" or "sincerely."
Dear Person 1,
How are you? I hope all is well. Please write back soon.

Person 2
by Soupy November 03, 2008
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