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3 definitions by Tee4125

some one who is really corny. Or a dude who tries to spit game but his game is weak as hell.
corn ball, ur not even funny.
by Tee4125 May 14, 2006
a female that is well know for being a hoe. and that does everything anyone can think of, and tells her business without being ashamed..
eww she's a smeeg, yeah did u hear about her?
everyone keeps callin her a smeeg for no reason..
by Tee4125 May 14, 2006
meaning a girl who thinks shes cute, but shes really ugly as hell... or a males female friends...
eww ayo shes a duck!!
oh dat must of been one of ya ducks, cause u took to long!!!
by Tee4125 May 14, 2006